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Cabugao Tour

Immerse yourself in the Coron Island Tagbanua's Traditional Culture

  • Traditional Music ...

    Tribal Music

  • Legendary Dances ...

    Legendary Dances

  • Traditional Dress ...

    Traditional Dress

  • Traditional Storytelling ...

    Traditional Storytelling

  • Resource Harvesting ...

    Resource Harvesting

  • Meal Preparation ...

    Meal Preparation

  • Traditional Crafts ...

    Traditional Crafts

  • Village Life ...

    Village Life

All-day tour includes:

  • Complimentary Van Pickup & Drop-Off at Hotel
  • Exclusive Access to Restricted Tagbanua Ancestral Domain Otherwise¬†¬†Prohibited to Outsiders
  • Roundtrip Boat Transportation From Coron Pier to Remote Cabugao Village on Coron Island
  • Expert Tagbanua Tour Guide Providing In-Depth Cultural & Environmental Understanding
  • Safety/Security Officer to Assure Maximum Comfort and Enjoyment
  • Observe & Learn Traditional Tribal Craft-Making
  • Complimentary Custom Dry Bags, T-Shirts and Caps to Promote Community Fellowship
  • Cultural Immersion in traditional Tagbanua Village Activities Including Resource Gathering, Food/Meal Preparation, Communal Lunch, Native Crafts, Storytelling, Singing, Dancing, and Cultural Performances
  • Immersion in Traditional Shoreline Hot Spring, Tidal Conditions Permitting
  • Rubber Protective Water Shoes
  • Meet and Get to Know Village Tribal Members
  • Join the Extended Tagbanua Family for Life-Long Friendship
  • Gain the Satisfaction of Helping to Support & Sustain this Remarkable Indigenous Tribe

Due to Cultural Sensitivities & Traditional Tagbanua Beliefs, Photography is Strictly Forbidden When Visiting Their Ancestral Domain

Guests Need To Select Gear & Provide Particulars On All Members of Their Group At Least One Day Before Their Tour

Guests Must Be Ready For Hotel Pick-Up Promptly at 7:00 AM To Avoid Tour Delay