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Protect / Preserve
Indigenous People

The Tagbanua, or "First People" as they are commonly referred to, are one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Phillipines.

Archaeological and anthropological research indicates that the Tagbanua are possible descendants of the Tabon Man, making them one of the country's original inhabitants. In appearance, they are as an ethnic group brown-skinned, straight-haired, and slim with an erect posture. A traditionally nomadic maritime subsistence culture, Tagbanua also practice a variety of agricultural pursuits.

At once enthralled and concerned about the current state of the Tagbanua indigenous people of Palawan, we at Lakdayan Tours are dedicated to the protection, preservation, and in certain aspects restoration of this magnificent people's traditional lifestyle. The Tagbanua, whose ancestral distribution extended throughout Central and Northern Palawan as well as the Calamian Islands off its northern tip, live in compact villages of from 45 to 100. Numbering approximately 130,000 as recently as 1987, the population declined to an estimated 10,000 in 2000, of which fewer were found in the Calamian sub-group. As such, Coron Island and Lakdayan village represent a significant percentage of the remaining Calamian tribal membership.

Our mission is three fold:

  • to conduct exclusive tours, tightly restricted in the number of guests and respectful in nature, which are low impact on the ecological environment and surrounding communities;

  • to help develop a sustainable local economy, which through employment, education and the promotion of micro-enterprise enhances the income potential of the inhabitants and tribe while preserving and supporting the traditional Tagbanua lifestyle; and

  • to provide a unique immersion experience into the daily life of these remarkable people for our tour guests, and allow them to enjoy the beauty and magic of the beach, sea and land they call home.